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You are often better off just using Force in Balance and focusing a single target.

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Double Strike is your filler ability, and you should be spamming it when everything is else on CD.Force Breach and Sever Force should always be up on your target, Force in Balance should be used on CD and so should Mind Crush due to Force Strike procs.There may be cases where your Mind Crush procs and you still have a few seconds remaining on the existing Mind Crush dot on the target, in which case you should refrain from casting it until the previous instance wears off.Spinning Strike should also be used on CD when your target is below 30% HP. Considering 2 possible cases: The Ao E capabilities of a Shadow are unfortunately pretty terrible, and one of the worst out of any class.Balance gets an advantage through Force in Balance, which you should be using anyway, and provides a good boost when multiple targets are nearby. Force Wave can be used if you want to do some instant damage against a group of targets that are immune to physics, and considering Whirling Blow’s awful damage output and high cost, sometimes it’s best just to Force Wave to do some quick Ao E to help finish off some adds, rather than burning all of your force for little return.

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