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It was well cast with some veteran sageuk actors and newcomers to the genre.The lead actress Hyeon-jin Seo and actress Woo Seo were spectacular and nuanced in their performance. The story did not drag on as some other dramas of this genre-the wars were short and the torture scenes were brief.While this one was able to keep my interest till the very end. The song title: Jeong Eup Sa (정읍사) It is the only surviving song from the Baekche Dynasty (BC 18 - AD660). v=0WDnf POq-Qg Very interesting drama but you should have allow us see the Real Su Beak Hyang with Queen's attire and lets us see Prince Jinmu and Solhi get married and live a better life after their repentation. I didn't understand why most of people fall in love with Empress Ki because I think Empress Ki has more focus on love, love and love between H &h instead of other parts like political or sth.) But for SBH, it contains all of genre; drama, comedy, political, family, romantic, war, spy, sadness. - I am planning on writing MBC and the writer to ask them to please continue the story.And I loved not just the plot but actors / actresses, too. Empress ki is really really better than this Boring drama! But Ha Jiwon Won the Grand Prize at 2013 MBC Drama Awards, of course Empress Ki is better it is a long boring drama with a poor casts to my ' TOP Drama ' List ever!! After watching the first episode I thought to delete the drama but after finished the first 10 episodes I changed my mind and I did not regret that at all. The song is about a merchant wife praying her husband's safe return. I really recommend SBH, it doesn't waste your time. A season 2 filled with more intrigue maybe stories of their children.Great writing was also very much present in King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang. It's quite obvious that kind-hearted Seol-Nan is the protagonist and her sister Seol-Hee is the evil foil.As for the two princes who were switched, here is the other obvious literary foil.But by the end of the day: I am unable to watch again Emperess Ki apart from the first 20 episodes but able to watch again King's Daughter anytime (in fact I've just started it). First I was afraid because of the length but I really enjoyed it all along. Just wished we would see Su Baek Hyang wearing wedding's dress or queen's dress and gave us joy and a very happy ending. It's serious but comes with many funny moments that crack me up, especially the older Prince and those ex-bandits brother-like buddies. The life of the mute stepfather is incredibly cool. King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang is the top rank of my period drama and the best drama for 2013-2014.As some people already compared it to Emperess Ki... But this drama was far better (more interesting) than Emperess Ki, second one was interesting till the 20th ep or so and after that it became somehow boring, empty, too long. It could have the part two series for all those parts that we had to guess. This is response to Rainbow who wanted to know the song title - posted in 8/14. I had hardly boiled eggs before, but now I have been boiling eggs these days :) That young Queen's kind heart, patience and honesty are righteous. I really like SBH rather than Empress Ki (these 2 on air in same period). i hate her face this the first time i didn't finish a korean drama ... I love this movie is the best movie among the movies I have watch I cried a lot how I wish I can meet seolnan one on one his good the story really touched me I didn't only watch the movie but I learn something from it Anyway so far so good u guy should keep it up This was by far my favorite Korean Drama!!!

It has great acting, great pacing, great writing, great chemistry between actors and great costumes.

I've seen dozens of KDramas the last two years and this is truly one of the best.

I'll probably write another blurb next time I watch it but in the meantime thanks to anyone who can answer my question.

But it was poorly written, after 20th episode writer shortened JJM parts (who was a big pulling character of the drama for me) and however acting was good in most of the part (I especially loved Tal Tal's), some part was terribly boring, the 'filler' parts with supporting characters especially and whole drama went uninteresting with the constant struggling-whining-crying of the coward emperor (however his acting was just superb I admit). I just finished this drama, and it is my favorite now!

While this one was far better, more 'colourful', even supporting actors had interesting and enjoyable characters, loved deaf-and-dumb guy so much! I cried so much for a lot of scenes, like when Jinmu found out King Muryong was his real father.

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