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Tony is scheduled to take a historic walk into outer space, but Dr. She hopes to impress her Master with her self-reliance, but her domestic touches soon prove disastrous.Bellows wants him to take a few medical tests first. Jeannie has stars in her eyes when Tony goes out to dinner with a famous screen actress (Nancy Kovack) in Hollywood.(General Peterson makes his first appearance in this episode.) Guest Star: Henry Hunter as Chaplain The cat's out of the bag—and the genie's out of the bottle—when Roger inadvertently summons Jeannie and becomes her new Master.Overwhelmed with the power at his disposal, he takes advantage of her magical abilities.Henry would become a regular cast member the very next season as Amanda Bellows, Dr. Guest Star: Bernard Fox as Arnie Jeannie is guilty of malpractice when she makes Tony's dream of becoming a doctor come true, and he finds himself facing charges of medical impersonation...possibly giving Roger an appendectomy!Includes a cameo appearance of Maureen Mc Cormick as a young patient.Jeannie envisions her beloved Master floating helpless in space and decides to sabotage the tests from her hiding space in Tony's jacket. She decides to become a movie star to compete with her "rival", but soon realizes that genies don't show up on camera.

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The first season consisted of 30 episodes filmed in black and white; all later seasons were filmed in color.

Mothers usually know best so Jeannie decides to follow her mom's (Lurene Tuttle) advice to make Tony jealous by accepting Roger Healey's marriage proposal.

She blinks into existence two rich parents and a mansion across the street from Tony's house (on a vacant lot Dr. But can she blink away her feelings for her Master? Bellows determines that married men make better astronauts, so Jeannie asks her Master to marry her.

Tony goes to extreme lengths to get the bottle back, but not before the cosmonaut realizes that she now has a genie of her very own.

Guest Star: John Beck Note: The DVD release features reconstructed soundtrack with new laugh track.

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