Archaeological dating wiki

Therefore, by plotting the relative thickness of these rings, a clearly identifiable sequence of variations may emerge which can act like a date stamp for each period.Master chronologies that span many centuries have documented tree ring data, enabling the cross-matching of historic timbers from existing buildings to determine the origin of not restricted to excavations, but should also encompass all visible ancient monuments, most of which will not have been excavated.Naturally, excavated monuments that are known should also be tagged, but please consider refraining from mapping non-obvious unexcavated sites as to do so could encourage damage from treasure hunters.The aim of stratigraphy is to reconstruct the sequence of constructive and destructive events that have impacted upon the existing building.The representation technique is based on the ‘stratigraphical unit’ (SU) concept, that is, a part of the building that was the result of a single action of construction.It involves using a reference database that assists with the identification of particular construction elements and associating them with the relevant period.If architectural elements can be dated to a definite range of years, perhaps from inscriptions or documentary evidence, then similar elements of a building may be dated to the same period.

Photographs are taken using precision cameras, usually known as metric cameras, and full stereoscopic coverage of the building is produced.

Photogrammetry is the practice of obtaining information about physical objects through the process of recording, measuring, and interpreting photographic images.

It is most commonly associated with the production of topographic maps through aerial survey, but may be used in any situation that requires accurate three-dimensional data or precise drawings, and is ideally suited to the survey and measurement of buildings and monuments.

Effort must be made to work in good lighting conditions, as shadows can result in a loss of information.

Surface areas requiring repair or conservation can easily be measured and calculated from the images.

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