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While many people know of Turkey's rich archaeological heritage, it possesses an equally valuable array of ecosystems — peat bogs, heathlands, steppes, and coastal plains.Turkey possesses much forest (about a quarter of the land) but, as importantly, some half of the country is a semi-natural landscape that has not been entirely remodeled by man.Banks, offices and businesses are closed during official holidays and traffic intensifies during all of the following holidays so do your research before you visit.Do not be put off by these holidays, it is not that difficult and often quite interesting to travel during Turkish holidays, simply plan ahead as much as possible.It can be simply put that Turkey is the most oriental of western nations, or, depending on the point of view, the most occidental of eastern nations.

The savvy traveller should remember that when travelling into, in or around Turkey there are several holidays to keep in mind as they can cause delays in travel, traffic congestion, booked up accommodations and crowded venues.

At just over 750,000 square kilometers, Turkey is larger than some European travel countries such as Italy, France, Germany also the UK, two times than California, more than three times the size of the United Kingdom and slightly larger than Texas.

However, in terms of the variety of terrain and diversity of plant life, Turkey exhibits the characteristics of a small continent.

Today, i would like to write about a special candle making factory in Suan Phueng, Ban Hom Thian is a candle making factory, which we can make our own candles too at here.

If im not mistaken there is a candle festival in Ban Hom Thian during every weekend in December every year, but i cant find it in internet becoz the info about Ban Hom Thian is too limited.

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