Bebo com dating

Content providers can bring their media player to Bebo, and monetize the advertising within it.

Users can also update their 'Saying' and show their availability status, as well as have access to other links to Bebo's pages, and special offers.

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Original website features[ edit ] Users received a personal profile page where they would post blogsphotographsmusicvideosand questionnaireswhich other users may answer.

Roleplay[ edit ] Bebo was sometimes used for role-playing characters from television programs, movies and novels.

It has been reported that AOL's finances were struggling.

The profiles may be of a fictional character or an invented character, and were most commonly set up in Bebo's 'classic layout' with the character's name, quotation, and biography.

This was mainly due to the falling numbers of unique users; Bebo users were moving to rival site Facebook.

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