Benefits of consolidating active directory domains

In other words, if Domain A trusts Domain B, and Domain B trusts Domain C, Domain A trusts Domain C.

This flow greatly simplifies the trust relationships between Windows domains because it forgoes the need for multiple exponential trusts between each domain.

This chapter will guide you toward the domain model that is right for you. NET Active Directory structure is a critical component in the successful deployment of the technology.

Now you can rename your Active Directory domain structure if a merger or acquisition takes place.

The psychological factor alone of having to make a decision and not being able to change it has kept some organizations away from deploying Active Directory in the past.

Transitive trusts are automatic two-way trusts that exist between domains in Active Directory.

These trusts connect resources between domains in Active Directory and are different from Windows NT trusts in that the trusts flow through from one domain to the other.

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