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I like it better than the Extreme/EDP version personally.I think it has more depth and nuances than the other version. It's classy, which is no surprise as it is Guerlain. It's perfect for any occasion, whether it's at the office or going out.If you are in search for an “easy on the nose” fragrance that smells great with flexibility, I highly recommend adding to your collection. I am sending out a “Like” for the Fragrantica community. The projection is moderate and non offensive, lasts about 10 hours on my skin.In my humble opinion the best gourmand i have had the honor to test. I found it a bit too old fashioned and dusty smelling but after a few wearing's I've done a complete 180° .is now for me borderline masterpiece ..i get lemon , tea and chocolate expertly blended .a crazy mix that takes a bit of initial getting used too, I think it confused me at first (those quirky french again) as I've never worn a fragrance like this but I don't think I'd like to be without it now for the rest of my days.Bought this blind trusting that Guerlain is a stamp of quality in itself, having been given the opporturnity to test several of their fragrances.Doesn't attack on me instantly, begins with some flora; jasmine I think, and anise.

I love cocoa and lemon/bergamot so yeah, it works for me. *** L'INSTANT DE GUERLAIN EDT (2016): It's a unique fragrance.It's somewhere in between "fresh" (more than the EDP version) and woody-spicy, with certain sweet touch to it (chocolate-anise vibe that it reminds coconut to my nose).It's not heavy / incisor at all, in fact I personally find it absolutely exquisite in every aspect: perfectly balanced (the blend is more than good, it's just perfect), delicious opening and dry down, raw materials of high quality, natural smell (nothing chemical), correct projection and longevity.I believe this scent, this bottle is worth every nickel. I wanted to purchase this because I see they have a newer....diferent bottle out now... But, I will pay extra for the older version.sure !!! I don't get as much cacao in the EDT compared to the Extreme...having both is ok to me. Some fragrances deserve to be part of your best moments and this one is one of them. The cacao and lemon combination is really interesting and quite pleasant. Cooler seasons for sure, but I think you can pull this off in the spring and possibly summer. That being said, my first impression: I was reminded of Playdoh; my wife's first impression: "smokey leaves" In retrospect I smell the smokiness she described.I hadn't used this in a while, and forgot what a great classic this is. I wish sillage were a little greater, but other than that, one of my faves in my collection. Disappointed in myself that is for not buying a bigger bottle. This fragrance is a like, the extreme version is a love.

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