Bret michaels still dating amber

I'm going to have to get up earlier, get on the mountain bike, work out, get my blood sugar right, and go and do it. About six to eight blood sugar tests and four shots per day have been working for me. or noon—and the first thing I do is test my blood sugar.I notice I'm high or low and adjust my insulin accordingly.I go out there and try not to let [diabetes] get me down.It's mind, muscle, music, and motivation over matter.And their mother, Kristi [Gibson], is a huge part of my life.My most important thing is making sure my daughters know their dad loves them.

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They would love me to do a , there were moments that I would be on there and say I'm having a really low blood sugar; you're going to have to give me time.I fly in, then fly back out after five shows in a row.It gets tough, the blood sugars fluctuate, but I find a way.You can have all the doctors, but unless you can self-motivate, no one can make you exercise or take your [insulin] shot at the right time or use your pump right. Like making sure I'm around to watch my daughters grow up.I take full responsibility for walking in and doing a reality show, but yes, it is strange when people you don't know will walk up to you at dinner and talk about a relationship with somebody and what they would have done differently.

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