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Remember that you may guess wrong and the person could correct you.

It's her emotion and she is the only one who knows how she feels. Level Four is Understanding the Person's Behavior in Terms of their History and Biology.

This type of validation can be done by others in an awkward, sing-songy, artificial way that is truly irritating or by yourself in a criticizing way.

When done in an authentic manner, with the intent of truly understanding the experience and not judging it, accurate reflection is validating.

Manufacturers sheduled services are carried out exactly as a main dealer would but a fraction of the price while still using the best quality lubricants and parts.

We can also service any vehicle still covered under manufacturer's warranty without invalidating the warrenty.

The comparative form of an adjective is commonly used to compare two people, things, or states, when you want to say that one thing has a larger or smaller amount of a quality than another.

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Some may not be clear about what they are feeling because they weren't allowed to experience their feelings or learned to be afraid of their feelings.One of the four options we have in any problem situation is acceptance.Validation is one way that we communicate acceptance of ourselves and others. When your best friend or a family member makes a decision that you really don't think is wise, validation is a way of supporting them and strengthening the relationship while maintaining a different opinion.Whether you need a repair, service, Pre MOT check or your vehicle needs repairing to its former glory, then we have the expertise to take care of your needs. We aim to diagnose any issue with any aspect of a vehicle quickly and cost effectively, whether it be a knocking in the suspension or a warning light on the instrument panel We carry the latest diagnostic equipment to cover all aspects of vehicle systems for cars, light commercial and HGV vehicles.C & C Motors offers both minor and full service options plus Manufacturer scheduled servicing on all makes and models of vehicle.

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