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Government and voluntary agencies responded by donating food, medical supplies, money, and volunteers to help them. This is because schools were located in the few cities and were often inaccessible to the rural dwellers.Many Cambodians remained in these camps for years until they were able to resettle in receiving countries around the world. Over 180,000 Cambodians sought refuge in the United States (Pike, 1990). There are three groups of Cambodians who have been resettled in the U. since 1975: In the decade or so leading up to 2008, Cambodian immigrants have continued to arrive in the United States.

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Many people lived in small villages near waterways, the majority working in agriculture.Some succeeded, however, many never reached their destination.The refugees who made it to camps in Thailand and Malaysia found starvation, disease, overcrowding, and violence.In contrast to this solid economic foundation, the political framework was unstable.The government was dominated by unpredictable leadership and erratic government policies.

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