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completely furnished home where they may live for one to two years. Jude’s clients receive intensive treatment for addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders including services services such as intake and assessment, treatment planning, mental health treatment, life skills training.Health and nutrition education, job readiness, medication management, individual and group counseling.Our shelter programs may help a man secure a job, find a transitional housing solution or enter a recovery program to address life controlling issues that feed the cycle of homelessness.women and children Eden Village I- on site housing for women and children; Eden Village II- program women complete without their children and are reunited when they complete program, meals and meal sharing, youth and children programs, preventative primary medical No cost. Emergency Shelter/Lodging Program, Transitional Housing Program, Reunification, Region wide Outreach Program, First Month’s Rent Program, Homelessness Prevention Program, Domestic Violence Program, HIV/AIDS Program, Eviction Prevention, Permanent Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities, Housing for Chronically Homeless, Supportive Services Support Services for Veterans Families, Airport Meet and Greet Services Helps homeless families with children move to self-sufficiency and permanent housing.365 days a year, prospective guests must have a referral from one of our partner agencies and are encouraged to visit or contact our office between the hours of 10am and 2pm Monday through Friday. Home Ownership Center provides home buyer and homeowner education and counseling and free foreclosure prevention help to residents.opens at 5pm; must have emergency shelter, a 2-year transitional housing program. Program – Homeless Recovery program – Accepts families with children under the age of 18. provides night shelter for 125 adult homeless males, and its transition housing offers structured living for 50 adult homeless males.Individual’s with a diagnosis of mental illness 18 of age and older. The Center is designed to assist youth in immediate need of housing and crisis intervention. Single parent or grandparent(s), must agree to drug test and back ground check. Mental health, general health and dental care availableprovides over 65% of the permanent supportive housing designated for Atlanta’s homeless and low-income population with HIV/AIDS.CFI offers a comprehensive range of services providing education, support, training, skill-building, preparation for work, career development and full integration in the community. We take holistic approach,m working with the whole person, mind, body and spirit, not just their illness. The shelter provides housing, food, clothing and other necessities to youth for up to 30 days (extension possible).18 yrs of age or older Operates under the umbrella of Community Friendship, Inc. They do accept SSI and SSDI, Pension and Child Support. Must be willing to work,assist with housing and employment, 30 to 90 day program.24/7 operation. We achieve this through two residential programs and two master lease programs.Must have a diagnosis of mental illness to become a candidate for admission. They are instructed in Biblical principles, good work ethics, and job skills. No felonies,cannot owe utility companies, rental or leasing agencies. 23 efficiency apartments for single adults, 12 apartments for women HIV and their children. Housing referrals (needed for Jerusalem House), late rent and utility assistance, Long-term rental assistance for families, Special Needs Housing Assistance Program.

Training to get GED, illiteracy program, work with at risk youth, college prep classes, computer training, Entrepreneur training, life skills enrichment classes. Referral then made to corresponding county’s Community Action Agency.

For out of pocket services on any service, please contact our office at either 404-378-2300 or by email.

Services Offered for adults ohnly: Adult Mental Health – general counseling and psychiatry Drug Abuse Treatment and Education Program (DATEP) – general substance recovery; and Opoid Maintenance Therapy (Methadone Maintenance). We also provide Food Bank supports to our clients,m as needed.

For Men, The Shepherd’s Inn is our largest facility serving as many as 425 homeless men every day. United Way Path Team is being utilized and Mercy Care for Mental Heath services.18 bedrooms provides shelter for babies under six months of age and their families; counseling, job readiness, clothing, and meals available.

The Shepherd’s Inn’s programs are designed to solve the problem of homelessness one person at a time. Women can use showers, Clothing Closet, Clinic and Dept. The state of Georgia and our efforts to assist in the coordination of services in our facilities will include the following: *Adult Education & Adult Competency * Executive Level Training and Placement Services *Residential Housing * Faith Based Training & Ministry.

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