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I've been anticipating my graduation for a long time, and so has my family.Unfortunately all of them may not be able to go because I do not have enough tickets. has been a dynamic force in the education of students, setting a record of outstanding academic achievement for more than 50 years within the California State University system and beyond.Linked In is an essential, and for business majors an almost mandatory, modern marketing tool.Try it yourself and play around a bit with the search filters.then add your info https:// FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA OR GCAL, CHAT WITH US: So this Fall will be my first semester at CSULA and it’ll also be the first time I receive the State University Grant.I know that this grant replaces my Cal Grant, but I was wondering how I will receive this grant.

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Its really hard to find to recent graduates on Linked In, which is a horrible indication of the alumni network quality.I hope to help others more all around especially getting to help people in this thread and lmaoaoao idk what im saying but i rlly look up to csula and all the great resources it gives to their students. I'm currently a CC student and am interested in CSULA's CIS program, specifically with the IT option.Btw i got a lot of good stuff on preview day and my friends didnt even get anything when they visited the other csu and uc campuses ahahaahah thanks csula for giving people a chance to be well educated :-) #csula2022 #futuregoldeneaglevibes USC is conducting a research study on the health risks or benefits of new and emerging tobacco products. After the first day of class, and before the drop deadline, what happens to my English enrollment if I drop History? How is the program and how does it compare to Cal Poly Pomona's CIS program and Cal State Northridge's IS program?Hi, really want to help build a stronger psych community at CSULA.I'm starting the masters program this fall, was here for my undergrad as well.

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