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Well, after a lot of hassle ended up getting the bed w/mattress on the 24th (took several phone calls and me actually cancelling the order because of delays as it was supposed to be next day delivery on the 15th.

I hadn't heard of them until doing a bit of research today and given the twin buggy I want is £90 cheaper than in Mothercare I was wondering whether to give them a go. I used them a few months ago to buy DD her first bed - they were the cheapest and didn't charge a delivery fee. Scotlass, there have been a few negative threads on the forums about TLF and my SIL has just had to cancel with them as buggy,car seat etc has not been seen after 60 days and baby due next week!

This was charged, but considering it wasn't something that is available to buy straight from webpage I was impressed. Please advise anyone you know considering ordering from them to think again!

If anyone else has had similar problems did you manage to get your money back? I ordered a jr bed with mattress and another mattress in mid-December from Precious Little One because we wanted to transfer DS from his cot to a bed during the break and they had free delivery.

The bed was delivered the next day as I recall and I had no problems at all with them. Ultraviolet - Don't touch Two Left Feet with a bargepole!!! I ordered a bugaboo and accessories but there was such a delay they eventually told me it would arrive 4 weeks after my new baby did!

I think the website also gives you the number of particular items in stock too. Tragic considering some people spent 1000's and have a new baby and.. I have herad horrific stories from SO many people now. In the end I cancelled the order and ordered one from mothercare which arrived the next day.

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