Dakota fanning dating kristen stewart are jenna and max still dating

“It looks great in the movie, but we are not close to the musicians that they are,” Kristen said.But the two loved looking like rock stars – and plan to share their outfits with the women who inspired the film.The beauty showed a hair makeover that is quite different from what we are used to seeing her with.We are more familiar with Stewart having longer brunette hair, and so the bleach blond shorter look is quite the drastic change for the star.

She said that she established early in development that she "wanted to make it a coming-of-age story and not a biopic": "What I loved about the Runaways was that they were doing things that girls weren't supposed to do, especially at 15.Additionally, Stewart had support from new girlfriend St.Vincent (real name Annie Clark) who sat beside her throughout the evenings events.“I’m actually not kidding, there are major restrictions that I don’t remember [from] when I was younger. It’s a really passionate, hardcore scene,” she continued. It’s not really a big deal.” “It’s just something that happened in their lives,” Dakota told of the kissing scene.“In the script, it’s not like a big build up or something that they talk about afterwards.” The two play teenage members of ‘70s all-girl rock act The Runaways, starring as the iconic Joan Jett (Kristen) and Cherie Currie (Dakota).

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