Dani venn dating

She and David sent a few messages back and forth before she disappeared, along with her account.

Of the girls that David messaged, maybe one in ten replied, and of those, precisely three turned into conversations more than two replies long.

Here’s David’s breakdown by the numbers: If poor David could see my numbers, he’d probably cry.

Now, I put a fair amount of time and effort into my profile, especially the pictures.

When I first created his profile, I just let him sit for a while: I knew from my two female accounts that new profiles get prominently featured on the homepage and thus get a barrage of attention in the first few days.

What I forgot to consider was that my existing dataset was two accounts.

Anyway, said friend — who shall, of course, remain nameless — had all the usual uncertainties about putting himself out there on the internet, and, because I’m nice (or maybe because I like to feel useful), I offered to help him out, based on my own experiences online.

If David had not been of my own creation, and he had sent me a message, it would have warranted a second look. Sadly, probably not: not because there was anything wrong with him, but because when you play the Ok Cupid game as a girl, it’s an entirely different set of rules.The one girl who eventually messaged him first was sweet and articulate, but — putting this as kindly as I can — extremely unphotogenic.I don’t know why she was dating online; whether it was lack of time, an experiment or any one of a number of other reasons, but I’ve no doubt she was far more successful attracting men in person, where a vivacious personality can more easily make up for looks outside the conventional standards of beauty.I’d just been through two rather nasty breakups, the second of which had involved a boyfriend who cheated on me with a girl he met online.I’d never really taken online dating seriously, but listening to the recently ex-boyfriend wax rhapsodic about this girl he’d only actually met once in person did at very least bring the notion to the forefront of my attention.

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