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Reveille is at 0530 and Taps is at 2200 - a typical day consists of academic classes, hands on practical training, evening fitness or workbook sessions, and personal "square-away" time.

You will be expected to maintain training standards for your uniform, squad bay, classroom, and behavior.

Prior-service personnel will not receive a pay grade higher than that held on their last separation from regular active duty. Armed Forces component may be eligible to enlist under the open rate list.

This restriction does not apply to Coast Guard members re-enlisting within 24 hours of release. At the time of separation from active duty, the applicant must have held the rate listed on the ORL or a comparable military occupational specialty.

Meet the minimum Coast Guard medical requirements and have achieved a minimum AFQT score of 45.

Meet accession standards and have qualifying past prior service or meet the requirements of one of our reserve petty officer programs.

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The goal of the Direct Entry Petty Officer Training Course is to produce petty officers who on the basis of their civilian professions, prior military experience, or a combination of both, will graduate as highly motivated and basically trained members ready to assume the duties and responsibilities of their pay grade.If you have served in the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or any National Guard or Reserve components, you may be eligible to continue your military service in the Coast Guard.In rare circumstances, you may even qualify to keep your rank.YOUR HOME — You thought being stationed close to home would be a good idea, since you could hang out with old friends, see family more often, and pocket a little BAH while living at home.But that all came crashing down when you realized that your mom’s new boyfriend looked all too familiar, sources confirmed today.

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