Dating an athlete

I had college friends and my teammates, who were all like siblings to me.

I only dated one of my team partners once, and it did not last, and I never made this mistake again.

The dumb jock mentality stereotype is left behind in high school.

My honors' college has many student-athletes who excel in what they do.

I know plenty of non-athletes who would take advantage of all of the great attention without any guilt.

Although dating an athlete does not guarantee drama, it may occur simply due to increased interest, larger social circles, and the campus atmosphere in general. I am not going to lie, there is pressure to look good, have your life together, and say the right thing.

And since the team may spend numerous hours together, they are family, and there is pressure to be accepted and liked by them.Spending lots of time, having a similar set of needs, and nearly identical schedules makes it very easy to click.Just because his or her friends are all from the team, it does not mean that you as a romantic interest cannot enter the picture.So here is the deal with athletes, if they like you, they will ask you out to get to know you better.As for the complexity of the relationship, faithfulness depends on the person, not on the thousands of other people who may wish to get to know him or her better.

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