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In 1986, Claudia is the head of the nuclear power plant that's at the centre of Winden.She learns that there's been a radioactive leak over the summer.Agnes and Tronte are new in town (and rent a room from Claudia's mother).Claudia is an expert time-traveller – and at war with Noah to control time travel.That's the basic setup of a show focused on time-travel between three eras: 1953, 19. This centres around an underground cellar where Noah (more on him later) has built a machine which opens wormholes in 33-year increments (it's 33 years because of a theory that because a year isn't actually exactly 365 days it's only every 33 years where things are completely aligned and 'reset' – apparently).

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There, he attempts to talk middle-aged Helge out of working with Noah.Helge is a pawn of Noah, and works with him to abduct and then later cover up the killings of the children. They reach out for each other and in doing so, Jonas is catapulted into the future (presumably 2052).It's not clear exactly what happens to Helge at this point, but we'd imagine this is the point at which Noah would have gone to recruit him – this is borne out by Helge's son Peter, who says his father was kidnapped as a child in 1953.His priest's get-up is a massive advantage since his clothing doesn't tie him to one era in particular.There's an implication that Noah could be the estranged husband of Agnes Nielsen and the father of Tronte – Tronte has cigar burns on his arms which seem to have been inflicted by his father. In 1953, the farmer who has had 33 of his sheep turn up dead one day also says: "There's a new priest at the church".

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