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In fact, research from around the world has shown that men have significantly greater desire for “sexual variety” (i.e., having a lot of different partners) over the course of their lives than women. From an evolutionary perspective, one of our major motivations or instincts is to produce as many of our own genetic offspring as possible in order to ensure that our genes are carried on to future generations.

However, because the act of producing a child is, undisputedly, simpler for men than it is for women, the sexes tend to approach the mating game very differently.

In fact, when I teach about evolutionary psychology in college courses, I make sure to cover these alternative explanations and viewpoints (e.g., Alice Eagly’s Social Role Theory).

I also spend time discussing what many see as shortcomings of the theory (e.g., How does it account for the phenomenon of homosexuality? Like all theories, evolutionary psychology has its weaker points and, as I mentioned above, I do not believe it is the only way to explain gender differences in partner selection and I never meant to imply that by focusing on it in my article.

But again, forgetting how modern conventions have impacted this, have you ever heard of something called birth control?

It puts men and women on an equal playing field when it comes to the burden of raising non-existent children after a steamy night out.

For women, though, sleeping around indiscriminately makes far less sense.

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For more on evolutionary psychology in particular, see here. Lehmiller's research program focuses on how secrecy and stigmatization impact relationship quality and physical and psychological health.

I take great care in the way I describe research so as not to overstep the bounds of the data, and in this case, I believe my characterization was fair given how diverse the samples were in the paper I cited.

Second, you point out the social structural critique of evolutionary psychology, which I feel is a perfectly valid criticism of the theory and something that should not be dismissed.

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