Dating manipulation

He said it was like “ The problem with “pickup” is that soon after you pick something up, you’ll have to put it down again. If you’re reading stuff like that in Cosmopolitan magazine or on Yahoo’s home page…

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In short, he’s about to learn powerful Mike was a Shogun Method client of mine. Someone who wants to help us get our needs met, whether those needs to be based on affection, sexuality, intimacy, exploration, and/or support. Take for example these common scenarios: look for the perfect line to say to a woman in retort to any quip to show that they “don’t need them”, that they don’t really care and can let her go if they choose to. Figures why men are so nervous when approaching women. What happens when you have a great conversation and text a girl but get nothing back? Again, even FURTHER on when you thought someone cared about who you are… What about when, God forbid, you start opening up to a girl about what you truly think about her, want in life, and see for the future. The best people to find are those that have worked significantly through their internal issues and are OK in discussing their needs, versus trying to get them met through passive-aggressive methods or manipulation tactics. But we’re going to be much happier knowing that we care about each other. Or, what if he goes back on “promises” made before sex? Now just ask yourself: what if we were all straight forward? This is synergistic and harmonic dating – us working together to make each other happy, versus adversarial and competitive dating – someone loses and someone wins. We’re not always going to get everything PERFECTLY met.

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