Dating mating and manhandling the ornithological guide to men

Yet we also know that putting into practice all the new skills and tools that experts are sharing doesn’t happen instantly, which is why we suggest you dedicate time every day to focusing on and prioritizing your love life.You can now own permanent, unlimited access to all of the seminars and accompanying transcripts from Investing in the recordings of the event will help support your continuous journey of learning and growth.And here’s the really great news: you don’t have to wait to meet that special someone to begin experiencing the heart-opening, soul-stirring feelings of love.We’re sure you’ve heard the saying: “what you put your attention on, grows.” When it comes to love, this is totally true.

I see that I can accept and love myself instead of constantly fixing myself. 2 days before I found out about the series I was feeling incredibly sad and asked god for a miracle. “My gratitude is overflowing to all who make this possible. Thank you SO much for providing this amazing series!! “Claire and Arielle, I just want to say I so appreciate the way you hold space. How do you determine what’s possible beyond the initial chemistry? Carol Allen is a happily married Vedic astrologer who empowers women to enjoy truly “out of this world” love lives. Drew’s Lifechangers, and in Chicken Soup For The Soul. Melanie Tonia Evans is a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert, healer, author and radio host.

When you have unlimited access to these seminars, you’ll have the resources to do exactly that—create a lifestyle of love that will magnetize your Soulmate to you.

Read on for a full overview of what you’ll discover in each of our Keynotes, Panels, and Soulmate Success Stories, and what you’ll receive when you invest in this groundbreaking series for conscious women.

Access to the seminars will be available at no charge from Friday, November 4th at 9am Pacific Time, through 9am Pacific Time on Sunday, November 6th.

**IMPORTANT**: If you don’t have the time to take advantage of this ALL ACCESS event, or if you simply want to enjoy the option of listening to the entire Series again and again, we’re excited to announce a Special Offer: Right now, you can own your own digital copy of the entire series library for 50% off when you take action before Midnight Pacific Time on Wednesday, November 9th.

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