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This particular one is his latest gear acquisition—a 2017 Fender American Professional Precision bass.The only change he’s made to the instrument thus far was swapping out the stock pickups for a set of custom-wound Avedissian P pickups and requested that they be voiced close to John Wetton’s tone on King Crimson’s Speaking of King Crimson and John Wetton, this white MIM Fender P bass caught Joe Rowland’s eye one day on e Bay while he was supposed to be working.He has a Radial Stage Bug SB-2 DI Box for a FOH signal blend and a Strymon Ojai makes sure everything is happy and running.Vocalist/guitarist Brett Campbell has had this PRS S2 Vela for a few years and it’s been his main ride for most of that time.Collings was hired in 1987 by vintage guitar collector George Gruhn, to produce 25 guitars.Following on from this, Collings started to receive a great amount of attention from notable guitar stores and magazines for the quality of his guitars.

Brett Campbell’s board is admittedly always in flux for one reason or another, but for this run along the south he wired these bad boys together: Korg Pitchblack Tuner, Ernie Ball VP Jr, Friedman BE-OD, Earth Quaker Devices Arrows, Electro-Harmonix Nano Clone, EQD Dispatch Master, EQD Tone Job, Luck Duck Nu-Tron II, EQD Avalanche Run, and Caroline Guitar Company Meteore.

eb customer support: E-mail: [email protected]: 1 866-823-2255 trussrod adjustment: Click here for an image!

i have no affiliation with eb other than i love their basses I stepped upon the platform, the man gave me the news He said "You must be joking son, where did you get those shoes?

A Boss TU-3 Tuner keeps everything in check and a Strymon Zuma (under the board) and Ojai power all the pedals.

Bassist/vocalist Joe Rowland has been playing Fender Ps for as long as he can remember.

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