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Even with the cold climate and hard toil, life in New France has advantages over the lives they left behind.Unlike many women at the time, the Filles du Roi are allowed to choose their husbands.Many of them are from France's cities and are about to get a harsh introduction to the backbreaking world of 17th century farm labour.Canadian winter will be unlike anything they've ever experienced.In the other case, a 17-year-old girl reported being inappropriately touched on her way into the party.Police say Friday’s “Spookland” event also resulted in 12 party-goers being transported to hospital for drug or alcohol-related illnesses, many of them minors.That said, one thing we know with absolute certainty: the Quebec we know today owes a lot to the fortitude of these incredibly tough women.

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The program leads to a population explosion unlike anything Canada has seen since.

To help fix New France's gender imbalance, two men come up with an innovative idea: Jean Talon (Intendant of the colony) and King Louis XIV decide to import young women to the colony to marry male settlers.

The women would be known as the Filles du Roi or "Daughters of the King."Almost all the women are poor. One in 10 doesn't survive the voyage from France.

“So we need to verify some information and validate some information.” “Obviously it’s not pleasant for her and her parents,” he added.

Friday’s party was the third edition of the “Spookland” event.

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