Dating raphael tuck postcards

In 1910 they started publishing postcards, becoming one the largest postcard publishers in the country.

The company closed in 1970 and their collection was purchased by Rothman’s tobacco company.

They were the King’s Printers, printing for His Majesty’s Stationery Office.

They branched out into Christmas card printing, and by the late 19th century were also printing postcards under the ‘Woodbury Series’ name.

In the 1970s the company became part of Methuen Publishing and was then sold to Cambridge University Press in 1987. Quite nice but I was fooled by the realistic oil finish into thinking that it was actually hand-painted as opposed to a copy of a painting – back on e Bay tonight! Francis Frith was a Victorian photography pioneer who founded Francis Frith and Company in 1860.

Originally the company took and sold family and scenic photographs.

The cards are poor fare indeed but are probably all that could be afforded in those austere times. Initially they published greetings cards, but by 1947 they were also publishing postcards (initially under contract for W. Nigh & Sons Ltd) and in 1958 they added guidebooks to their range.

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When this company itself folded in 2000 the Bamforth & Co.Cards seem to date from 1940/50 and carry the wording published by CTC Ltd., for the Irish Tourist Association. Circa 1939 it started to receive recognition and some funding from the new State. Dainty monotone images were often enhanced with a blue sky, paintings and colour images were also produced under this series. A detailed history of E T W Dennis can be found at Webber Postcards Above three cards from the ‘ Inverness, Scotland.Eventually morphing in the Bord Failte – The Irish Tourist Board. The company was set up on the Isle of Wight in 1937 by photographer John Arthur Dixon.Images depict the major landmarks in each town – castles, churches, scenic landscapes, street scenes, people, automobiles, advertising signs and shop fronts.The majority of postcards also contain a caption, identifying the images’ location and major points of interest. An artist studio established in 1923 by Gertrude M.

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