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Before Sunset can catch up to the girl, she escapes on another bus.

Having safely gotten away, the girl pulls off her hood, revealing her identity as Princess Twilight's human counterpart.

Rainbow prepares to give a performance for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and the others join her inside the school.

Sunset stays behind to write to Princess Twilight in Equestria.

After the pep rally ends, Applejack wonders how Rainbow was able to "pony up" without her guitar.

Brony Donald "Dusty Katt" Rhoades tweeted wondering about Rudell's silence on Twitter, and Rudell announced that he was "too busy working on #3".

On Twitter in late February 2015, Jayson Thiessen was asked, "Is the Friendship Games movie actually going to be about the Friendship Games?

She explains to him that the device she built can measure and contain the strange energy surrounding Canterlot High, hoping that this research will get accepted into the Everton Independent Study Program.

Just then, Crystal Prep dean Cadance enters and informs Twilight that Principal Cinch demands her presence.

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