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Therefore for us the visa B-2, it is the tourist visa, is better variant.I want to ask you my dear, that you will send me a money recourses on the visa.But I ask little bit more because I still should go in Moscow and there I must live some time.If you will send me money recourses, it will be better for making through a system of Western Union.Only I have decided to try to do it and that from this it has turned out.We with you love each other very much and we should be together, because we can't withoiut each other my darling.

At one point when I was already doubting her, I received another message from Singles.

It is ten-digits, that is "Money Transfer Control Number" or MTCN. I understand that I already have your address, but I must will have the address which at you will asked in the system of Western Union.

Without these data I can't receive the money which are necessary for my coming to you my dear Zapp.

As probably you know an economic situation in our country, simply it is awful, and at school don't give the salary to teachers during a long time.

Our government explains it to those that they simply don't have money.

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