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Later in command in North Carolina......................................., Carte de Visite by Olwell of Mobile, [rare imprint].

Cosby brought the note that opened negotiations for the surrender of Fort Donelson, Tennessee, on February 16, 1862, from Brigadier General Buckner to Union Brigadier General Ulysses S. Cosby was captured as a result of the surrender of the Fort Donelson. Upon his return to duty in August 1862, Cosby was appointed Colonel of cavalry.

During the Gettysburg Campaign, Baker was wounded at the Battle of Brandy Station. Wade Hampton's brigade when that officer was severely wounded by a saber slash.Monroe Park, Richmond, Virginia, 1891 - General Hugh Mercer Monument, Washington Avenue Historic District, 1906 - Robert E. Stuart was mortally wounded during this engagement, with his final order being: "Order Wickham to dismount his brigade and attack." In September 1864, after the Confederate defeat at the Battle of Fisher's Hill, Wickham blocked at Milford an attempt by Maj. Philip Sheridan to encircle and destroy the Confederate forces of Maj. Wickham resigned his commission on October 5, 1864, and took his seat in the Second Confederate Congress, to which he had been elected while in the field. Army, Lee resigned soon after secession, to join the South Carolina Militia, and delivered the historic demand to the Union to evacuate Fort Sumter, effectively starting the war.Lee, National Statuary Hall Collection from the state of Virginia marble, United States Capitol, Washington D. Recognizing that the days of the Confederacy were over, he participated in the Hampton Roads Conference in an attempt to bring an early end to the war................................, Carte de Visite, from life photograph in uniform, no imprint. After serving in the Seven Days Battles, Second Battle of Manassas and Battle of Sharpsburg, he became John C.Forrest was later pardoned by President Andrew Johnson.The card is untrimmed, usual age tone but with rather bold contrast.

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