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Malignant tumors metastase by lymphatic invasion, via the blood stream, or transcoelonic spread.Such metastasis in dogs is generally to the lungs but it can be to any part of the body.Tumors of the gut are rare but usually malignant and generally well advanced by the time they are noticed.Spleen tumors are usually malignant with early secondaries.There is a strong correlation between nutrition and cancer.Commercial foods available in the market contain preservative and synthetic substances that may be carcinogenic and may cause harm to the process of healthy cell multiplication.

Since the boundary cannot be defined it is usually impossible to remove all the cancer cells by surgery.

This is especially so if they are on bones where there is heavy surrounding musculature, such as the shoulder-blade, upper arm, or thigh.

These are all too likely to be diagnosed as pulled muscles, damaged tendons, arthritis, etc. One problem is that they are often well advanced before being noticed.

Change his environment so that there is no contact with harmful pesticides, chemicals and toxic materials.

Clean the household where remnants of these tend to accumulate.

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