Dating someone who is paranoid Brazilian milf chat line

His anger escalate throughout the evening and now he will not hear the person's name without getting super angry.

Note - I never slept with or interacted with the person in that way.

We've been together a year, we were to be engaged, have begun building a life together and are supposed to move in together in August.

He also is preparing for the end of the world that is happening. The government knows everything about everyone and they are planning on getting rid of the weak.. I also miss him when I think about the good times, but every time we get back together he starts in w/ his crazy accusations. Why is it the one that loves and cares the most for the ppd gets the worst hurt and pain from their actions? I am the one who demands to see the cell phone, and the one who checks the underwear, and the guy who follows his wife to the store and parks on the other side of the parking lot.I discovered the drinking as I watched the vodka bottle become emptier and emptier.He told me he was angry at his ex-girlfriend and what she did to him.He tells me his ex-girlfriend must have contacted me because there are too many coincidences between the way she acted and the way I acted. He accused me of having an affair w/ another man from my work who hit on me one day (I told him about it many months prior).He told me another ex-girlfriend was all about getting married and that it was obvious she did not love him (he’s said to me’ is marrying him all I care about’ a few times lately) and another one tried to steal money from him after they bought a house together. He has now included that man and that man's girlfriend in our drama. I had to explain EVERYTHING that happened in my life or my ex would turn it into something sexual I did.

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