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Something something submissive wife being led by her husband back to God, you know?

Instead what ended up happening is he quit attending church early in our marriage.

It took a few discussions on how the earth isn’t 5,000 years old, man didn’t walk with dinosaur, evolution is a fact not theory, etc.

Maybe he was already doubting or looking to escape. We just divorced after seven years of marriage; he no longer attends church and is an atheist, and I am still an atheist/agnostic and still seeking God. She’ll even go to church occasionally, albeit different ones – like a sociological experience.

It’s sort of funny because morally and relationship-wise, I value Christian ideas. But I don’t think I’ll find another Christian man willing to be patient with my faith struggles or with my divorcee status. She’s very aware of my atheism and yet we love each other because we share the same values as well as interests.

They weren’t well-received from me, though, unfortunately… It was mostly the appeal of beauty an authority figure telling her what is factual and what isn’t. I made factual claims I was immediately ready to back up. I don’t have many friends in the first place, and the few I do aren’t very philosophical.

At the end of the day, cool I guess, but it’s like, Cosmos didn’t do the science any justice… Black science man goes on tv, reads a script, boom: her whole life of believing in dinosaurs walking with man and a 5,000 year old evolution-less earth is revised because he said so. I like existentialism, absurdity, nihilism, moral systems, all that stuff.

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