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The woman who has heard it once has likely heard it a thousand times.To counter this annoying statement, she likely has awesome friends and family who remind her, “You don't want a man who isn't confident enough to take you off the market,” or as Dad always tells me, “You will work best with a man who thinks you're the best thing since sliced bread.They crush careers by day and attend dinner parties by night.

The abusua kuruwa were used in secondary burial rituals by the Akan.

You want someone who inspires you with her loving, well-intentioned actions — not words or demands.

Intimidation builds her own career, makes her own money, pays for her own way and carries her own bags.

— Ghana 20th Century An Ashanti sand-cast bronze (brass alloy) figural scene from Southern Ghana.

— Niger 3rd to 11th Century AD A nice pottery head from the ancient Bura culture of Niger, Africa.

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