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He had co-founded the global Hard Rock Cafe chain in 1982.He sold his interest in the company for a reported $US410 million ($A441 million) in 1995 and dropped around $US770 million ($A829 million) in 2006 for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Peter is the son of famous steakhouse founder Arnie Morton.In case I didn’t already think that Demi is a craptastic mother, this really has sold me on the notion.Aside from the moral implications, why would she want a guy 20 years younger? It seems that Demi doesn’t give a crap about her daughter’s feelings and is completely focused on proving that she’s still a viable piece of Hollywood ass, because she and Harry have been hooking up since January.According to a source close to Demi, this has caused a death blow for their Demi and Rumor’s relationship.

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