Driver sr needs updating debian

The problem is that auto-detection of hardware doesnt auto-detect correctly.By this I mean that xorg usually detects your video card correctly (if it isnt too new), and then when it probes the montior for capabilites, either the monitor doesn't know how to respond, or doesn't respond correctly , in such cases it seems that the fallback position is to overstate the resolution capabilities of the monitor, as opposed to understating them.READ the respective documentation to know for sure. The video card you mentioned is capable of resolutions/outputs far larger than the average monitor on a desk somewhere.9 times out of 10 the linux hardware detector will use the max capability of the video adapter and blow out the monitor.I point you to the knoppix cheatcodes documentation, as I haven't used knoppix recently enough to remember the syntax correctly.Many other distros dont even offer the these two options so things other than knoppix are possibly out.Can you disable the USB ports in the BIOS - it might be an idea until its installed.

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(a 640x480 screen that works is better than a 1280x1024 that doesn't) This means that I end up with NO GRAPHICS in many cases.

Knoppix has a workaround for this, it has a textmode option you can pass at boot and it wont try to start X at all. Knoppix also has the capability to specify the video mode to the command line, and then the system won't autodetect.

Ubuntu is the worst offender in my experience with this problem. as_q=linux&as_epq=K7S41GX&safe=images&ie=UTF-8&lr=&hl=en hope it helps? From ( : The APIC feature doesn't work so "noapic" should be added to your kernel commandline the one illustred in the image does not work, find a way to boot your distro with the option apic not enable.

The scenario you have described fits this to the letter. cheers I've passed the argument noapic noacpi to the kernel and kubuntu worked good until i've booted freebsd that's on the 2 partition of the disk.

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