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And who better to ask for dating advice than economists? One famous economic model throws harsh light on the basic problem of any type of dating: information. This is the ‘Lemons problem’, a famous economic idea first proposed in the 1970s by George Akerlof, about cars, not citrus fruit.Strip it back and the dating market is the same as any other: it’s about two parties coming together to make a mutually beneficial exchange, whether that is phone numbers, wedding rings, or, erm, something else. The basic premise is that if sellers can evaluate the quality of a used car but buyers can’t, the likely outcome is that both buyers and sellers know that only the most awful cars will be traded in the market.Roughly let us know and we will discovery the issue and girl it as every we can.

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Your level of interest in a car reflects the level of information you’re able to find out about it. And if you want to test drive on the first date, well, that’s up to you…

It’s all very well telling people about yourself, but what exactly should you tell them? Daters could not deviate from this list and were forced to risk it by posing questions outside of generally accepted bounds. If you’re looking for that one special person, you don’t need to appeal to the masses.

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