Final fantasy dating

Despite a fascinating storytelling opening and some other interesting narrative ideas, Final Fantasy II just never quite comes together.

The systemic weirdness mires the pacing, and the whole game now feels more like a historical curio than anything you’d actually want to play.

IGN's resident FF addicts decided to put our heads together to decide on our personal rankings for the best Final Fantasy games.

Although Final Fantasy XI and XIV are fantastic MMOs, we chose to focus on only on the single-player, mainline entries in the franchise.

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This Select Final Fantasy selector, a free online personality quiz, is a creation of Boogiepop Phantom and for amusement purposes only.

FFX Guardian Quiz Which Final Fantasy girl is for you? FFX Guardian Quiz Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Charact Which Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts Villia Which final fantasy X character are you?

Few video game franchises have remained as consistently incredible as Final Fantasy.

Which Final Fantasy IX Character are you Final Fantasy Dating Game Final Fantasy 7 Character Selector Which Final Fantasy 7,8,9 female are you?

Which Final Fantasy VII character are you What FFX character are you?

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