Firebird psql updating

As soon as you insert your CREATE PROCEDURE TBLSTATS RETURNS ( table_name VARCHAR(100), no_records Integer) BEGIN FOR SELECT r.rdb$relation_name FROM rdb$relations r WHERE r.rdb$relation_name NOT CONTAINING '$' INTO :table_name DO BEGIN EXECUTE STATEMENT 'select count (*) from '

back to top of page The purpose is to stop execution of the current block and unwind back to the specified label.There is no special syntax: An ordinary GRANT statement is used, but the recipient named in the TO clause is a trigger or procedure, instead of a user or a role.Similarly, privileges can be revoked from procedures and triggers.Each invocation of a procedure is referred to as an instance, since each procedure call is a separate entity that performs as if called from an application, reserving memory and stack space as required to perform its tasks.Stored procedures can be nested up to 1,000 levels deep.

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