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The Parenting Plan Continuum offers guidance for each type of parenting-time arrangement, including the level of violence, risk factors, and safety concerns relevant in allocating parenting time. The five types of parenting plans available in divorces involving domestic violence include: Under the Parenting Plan Continuum, co-parenting may be appropriate in circumstances where there is a “low risk of lethality to a parent and child.” Lethality risk factors include (but are not limited to): The Parenting Plan Continuum describes parallel parenting as a custody and visitation plan in which “each parent has separate and specific responsibilities,” and states that this option is generally best where there is “moderate to low risk of lethality to a parent and low risk of lethality to a child.” This may be characterized by: In circumstances where a non-custodial parent presents “moderate to low risk of lethality to a parent and child,” unsupervised parenting time with or without supervised exchanges may be most appropriate.

According to the Supreme Court, this is likely to be most successful if: The Ohio courts have taken the position that it generally in a child’s best interests to spend time with both parents, even in circumstances where a non-violent parent would typically want to seek sole custody without visitation.

The court upheld the card network's anti-steering provisions, explaining that because credit card networks work with both consumers and merchants, they had to consider how the ruling would affect both markets.

They found that although merchants dislike American Express's higher fees, they don't "stifle competition in the two-sided credit-card market." Rather, they allow the network to "maintain cardholder loyalty and encourage the level of spending that makes it valuable to merchants." As a merchant, you retain the ability to choose whether or not you accept American Express cards.

Although not accepting this card brand keeps your processing costs lower, it may irritate high-spending customers that want to use their American Express cards.

Despite losing its partnership with Costco in 2016, American Express has grown its market share and is on track to overtake Mastercard as the network with the second highest purchasing volume.

top our list of credit card processing companies for small businesses.Multiple factors, such as the pricing model, contract terms, how you accept cards, hardware and features can determine whether a processor is a good fit for your business or not.For this reason, we've based our selections on several use cases, allowing us to offer recommendations based on a variety of business needs.Below you can read more about them, along with pricing information, negotiation tips and features to look for as you select a service.If most the majority of your receivables are check or cash and you only occasionally accept credit card payments, or if you want a very simple solution for your credit card processing needs, be sure to check out our Mobile Credit Card Processing review.

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