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I hope to be like George Burns, when asked why he didn't date women his own age, he answered, "Hell, there aren't any"!

I don't think his relatives did him any favors by allowing him a way out of jail.

A state police sergeant accused of soliciting oral sex from a 14-year-old boy in lurid online sex chats with an FBI agent has been tossed out of his home by his wife and prohibited from contacting his teenage son. Brian O’ Hare, who commanded National Guard units in Iraq and Afghanistan, was forced to appear in federal court yesterday after his wife, Anne, refused to co-sign his bail agreement or allow him to continue living in the couple’s Lancaster home. He was charged with coercing a minor to engage in sexual activity and faces a minimum five years in prison if convicted. O’ Hare has been suspended without pay from the state police and also has been relieved of his command of the Massachusetts National Guard’s 211th Military Police Battalion. Winfield Danielson said O’ Hare will be reassigned to administrative duties pending the outcome of his trial. Or did, until she promised the magistrate she would remove it from her home. Ranger1777: love to teach u OCE: would like u 2 teach me Ranger1777: be hot OCE: very hot Ranger1777: lets phone on Wednesday OCE: k Ranger1777: then we can get together for lunch Good for her.

“ I’m real horny right now,” O’ Hare allegedly wrote in an October chat session during which he expressed a desire for oral sex. The 19-year state police veteran was arrested Friday in the parking lot of the Meadow Glen Mall in Medford when he arrived for a meeting with his online chat companion.

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And what's frightening is some of these guys are respectable - like this state trooper. Now, about the age thing, when I was 58, I had a girl friend that was 38, and, I must say, there are things to be said in favor of that!I don't get it with adult men soliciting the sexual favors of minor children they're entrusted to protect.I certainly don't either, but so long as a lady was born before 1967, the younger men are facing stiff competition.Keeping that promise has made life easier for a lot of younger men.I was thinking of a sting here in California a couple of weeks ago in which the police posed as a 13 year old girl.

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