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I checked out their menu and because I’m a boring, classical fucker when it comes to pizza, I was all a bit “.

This is because Blue Label have pizzas with crazy names like the “Green Machine” (using bechamel, kale, asparagus and pistachios) or the “Black Magic” (green asparagus, black truffle cream, jamon iberico and manchego).

But I can’t disregard such strong commendations from my serious pizza loving American homie and pushed my completely unfounded judgment to the dark recesses of my soul while quashing insistent questions that bubble to the surface, murmuring conventional sweet nothings like “” Blue Label is run by the Luke Oyster’s team and it’s a cool little spot, set underneath the basement of Ann Siang House.

It’s all high wood tables and white tiled walls, set against the glow of a blue and red neon sign, as cool 1970s and 80s rock and pop jams (playlist here) pulse in the background.

Where: Blue Label Pizza & Wine Ann Siang House Basement / 28 Ann Siang Road Singapore 069708 Phone: 65 9821 9362 (you can also SMS them to place your takeaway orders) And cause Singapore isn’t in the faxing dark ages, online reservations here. I think if you’re in a bigger group of three to four, it’ll probably be around SGD50 a person. Unfortunately, Blue Label is still trucking out FUCK NO bioplastic straws (ie. I caught them on my cocktail straw but they caught me unaware on the cold brew coffee.

They also serve their ice-cream with wooden spoons because they presumably look cooler.

The crust is airy and fluffy, studded with sesame, fennel seeds and poppy seeds because Blue Label don’t do no plain crust pizza shebang, it’s meant to look like an “everything bagel”.

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From the super warm and genuine welcome from their general manager, to their staff who are always unobtrusively in the background but as soon as you need anything, they pop up to take care of whatever you need. I cannot tell you how much less I drink since I’ve moved to Singapore because I’m a budget bitch.Rather than dwell on the glass of house white I enjoyed (please note, in SG, house white comes in at SGD18 a glass), I feel you’ll gain greater enjoyment from this artistic impression of me checking out most wine lists in Singapore.For real, what large time crime scams are people running where they can afford the high end wine in this city??I dunno, what’s wrong with a washable, reusable metal spoon?I have an issue with bioplastics too, given a) Singapore incinerates its trash and b) why do you even need it in the first place?? The deal: I’d been told by one of my serious pizza loving American homies that Blue Label Pizza and Wine were doing killer no filler pizzas.

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