Good questions to ask a girl on a dating site

Tell me about your family (what are kids like, what do you like to do, how do you spend free time, what are favorite family activities, hobbies, vacations/trips, etc) 2. Be excited to join our family and not be afraid to ask for a match herself if it feels right to her. It should only be seen as a red flag if these are the only types of questions that she asks you.

What are the most important rules the au pair should know about? Tell me about the area you live in (town, near big city, colleges around, transportation, shopping, cluster, LCC) 4. I apologize for rambling (as always), but I don’t think that potential au pairs have any reason to NOT ask questions like these.

If the au pair doesn’t ask these, the host family should definitely volunteer this information.

My favorite questions would be: What did you like/dislike about previous Au Pairs, what would you want in the perfect Au Pair Tell me about your kids – their personalities, likes/dislikes, relationship with the Au Pairs.

Being able to talk to my loved ones via the internet improves my well-being, makes me more emotionally stable, and therefore makes me a better au pair to the children.

But besides that: 1) Why do you have an au pair vs. 2) What kind of a relationship are you hoping for with your au pair? I also made the possible to let them know about me and my family. Some were willing to pay, some would pay half, some expected the au pair to pay for all of it (this was in Europe, without an agency, so paying for airfare was completely up to the family).

What are your favorite things about where you live and least favorite things.

Questions I would like to hear, after the whole “so, what are your kids like” string. Clearly, 3 questions is too narrow of a construct, and we are all copying each other (“how close is the library” made me weep).

Sure, I know they might share some criticisms about our family that would make me cringe if I knew about it, but I figure if a candidate knows what they are getting into directly from the person currently doing the job and accepts the job, then they are prepared to live with our rules and quirks.

Our last au pair was really direct in telling our candidates that we were not the right family for them if all they wanted to do was party.

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