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More information about Dundee Landmarks and Monuments.

The history of north-eastern Scotland is recorded and showcased at the city's museums, with the Discovery Point Museum containing lots of information about the RRS Discovery and the life and achievements of renowned Antarctic explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott himself.

On the north-westerly side of the city and lying between the Downfield and Camperdown golf clubs, the Camperdown Country Park is the city's biggest public park and features a wildlife centre with modern zoo attractions, an adventure playground, and nature trails around the adjacent Templeton Woods and Clatto Reservoir, as well as a leisure park with a multi-screen cinema complex and an ice-skating rink within its Ice Arena. Located on the High Street, the listed mid-19th century St.

Paul's Episcopal Cathedral is one of the most obvious landmarks in Dundee, with its epic towering spire dominating the architecture. Mary's Tower is considerably older, dating all the way back to the 1480s, although the adjoining church is somewhat younger and has been remodelled several times over the centuries, mainly due to fire damage.

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