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For generations we scoured Egypt for the lost COCK OF OSIRIS.

Our spies hid among groups of tomb robbers and among the European rapists you call archaeologists, like your father or Howard Carter, but there was no sign of the COCK until Professor Al-Arash excavated it last month.

Aket's blast of sperm felt more powerful than any geyser and as hot as lava flowing from the volcano. Her scream was one of awe, her pussy was contracting like mad with each jerk of the huge cock in her.

His cock trembled again and a second huge blast of sperm filled her followed by at least a dozen more jets of his seed.

“Great Set, I bring you the gift of your brother's COCK, lost for 5000 years.” The green light grew brighter. She half expected to see a tongue flicker out from the rather large urethra.She'd experienced interracial sex, most notably with Master Takeda Ueshida, who instructed her in the new martial art of aikido and the Japanese sword fighting technique known as kendo.The Japanese turned everything into an art and Master Takeda had been a master of love making techniques as well.The semen smelling gaseous cloud erupted from the head and filled the room. He was staring down at his crotch as he turned around. Fear for her life was the only thing that could take her attention off Aket's cock.Hassan coughed and lowered the gun, but before Jane could make a play for it, the cloud enveloped her. She felt her nipples elongate, straining against her dress. Hassan raised the knife, which she now recognized as a Kpinga, the weapon of the Zande warriors of Central Africa.

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