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Mature: no, I want you obey me on cam Akash: Why you want to make me obey?

But more time passed it became more unbearable Atlast I fell down on ground Teron : BITCH, YOU FAILED, now you will be punished hard I said,please sir, I tried Teron : “YOU NEED A HARSH PUNISHMENT” I was scared, thinking whats coming next Teron : put cloth pins on your buldging balls I tried to put pins on my balls, but the balls were not having any skin to fix pins, also balls became red by that TIME Teron : do it bitch, you r too slow I fixed couple of cloth pins Teron : ok , now fix two on your cock anf one on cock head I said : Please, not on cock head Teron : DO IT BITCH, or I make it more harsher I cried in pain, but some how fixed all Teron : now bring a belt, and hit those clips, until it detached from you cock and balls I brought the belt, on first hit, pain rushed upto my brain, I dropped then belt and holded my balls, n cock with my both hands Teron : BITCH, did I asked you to stop?

Unobtrusive communication can eventually develop into something more serious.

PASSWORD SHOW: Password shows are only allowed when broadcaster is offline.

until now I have had face to face conversation (with skype) with two american guys.

Mature : ofcourse, just be online same time next day.talking with a guy about sex, about what turns you on and what turns him on, maybe exchanging sexual pics (from the net) to visualize your sexual thoughts, ..that something women like or is that just something guys like?Am I slutty or just someone with a strong personality, who is having fun? How did you get over someone you thought was into you? Why do women have a harder time dealing with adversity than men?Akash : yes sir Mature: now for today , you may log off, tomorrow be online on same time Akash : ok sir Mature: bye bitch Akash : bye sir Chapter 4 A long painful night The same thing continued for days, months.started to become more demanding , he liked to humiliate me and make do things painful He used to cum, seeing me in pain On one evening at 6 PM when he was online , he buzzed me and asked me to add teron zatson(id changed), he told me, teron is his good friend, and he too will be enjoying my cam as and when needed.I want to ask my question but I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask it or not. As I want to study in US, I decided to talk to american people in order to improve my speaking.

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