Illicitdating com

I've also helped a woman who realised her successful businessman husband was having flings in every country he visited for work.He even missed one son's graduation and another's 21st birthday party to be with his Thai lover. These are the kind of couples you'd meet at a dinner party or your child's parents' evening.I believe this phenomenon, which I will be exploring in this first part of an exclusive new series, has three basic causes. There are countless websites and apps that exist solely to facilitate 'easy' sex.

Another simple phenomenon making modern infidelity harder to deal with is this: men and women are much more likely to be friends today.However, for lots of people recovery is not so straightforward and takes far longer than they would have imagined on discovery day.Sometimes the person who has been unfaithful vows to do 'anything' to make it better, but the next day sabotages everything.They seem, to all intents and purposes, just like you and me.I think we're living in an age when infidelity has never been easier to commit or harder to deal with.

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