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In the art of spin, such an introduction is probably designed to lend credibility to the scientific accuracy of Mr.Vasudev’s woo and to establish his physics credentials. Vasudev’s claims, while playing along with the ridiculous branding of scientists as some type of ‘the others’. Vasudev’s claims, and point out how he is always either inaccurate, illogical, factually wrong, or dishonest. Vasudev says, “They seem to have found something near to what they are referring to as God particle [sic].

My hypothesis is that Jaggi Vasudev’s act of interspersing his religious sermon with science is a conscious attempt to appeal to the urbane middle class.Such an exercise would teach us much more about the universe than any of Mr. Actually, there is no better place to look for Higgs-Boson or any other sub-atomic particle, than in cosmic rays.As Ian Sample points out in this interview, the reason that the massive accelerator was built on the earth was because it is a much cheaper alternative to sending a sufficiently sensitive detector into outer space to look for the Higgs boson in cosmic rays that are not sullied by atmospheric effects. Vasudev is also ignorant, willfully or otherwise, of the entire field of cosmology.Jaggi Vasudev fails to recognize that scientific progress is a remarkable by-product of human ingenuity.He wrongly claims that the scientific method is not the only approach to understanding the universe. Vausdev attempts to take listeners on a brief tour of the history of science.

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