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The Norwegian ICA contains provisions on duty of disclosure, safety regulations variance with the corresponding Plan provisions, and there is no doubt that Norwegian courts must apply the Plan provisions rather than competing Norwegian law.If the cover under the Plan is the more extensive, the loss of hire insurer must compensate regardless of the assured's recovery under the actual hull cover.What is written above applies to well-known standard conditions.

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The named peril principle has exactly the opposite effect of the all risk principle.

This means that damage to the vessel and any loss of income caused by grounding, fire, explosion, collision or perils of the sea such as heavy weather etc. 2-9, there will be no overlap or gap in the cover between marine and war risk insurance under the Plan.

Thus, if a peril is not a war peril pursuant to Cl. 2‑8, unless excepted pursuant to letters (b) to (d).

Furthermore, the foreign hull conditions must be followed in order to determine whether the vessel is an actual or constructive total loss. On the other hand, this means that issues that are regulated by chapters 1-9 of the Plan, must always be decided based on the rules in the general part of the Plan.

If the vessel is deemed an actual or constructive loss under the foreign hull conditions, the assured is not entitled to any compensation under the loss of hire insurance, cf. Coordination with foreign hull conditions is only linked to the assessment of the underlying hull damage; issues related to the loss-of-hire insurance itself, such as the rules regarding the duty of disclosure or special trading limits relating to loss of hire cover must always be decided in accordance with the Plan.

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