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Rules can help everyone in your family get along better, and make family life more peaceful.When rules are clear, they help: It’s important to involve all members of the family as much as possible when developing family rules.This can sometimes involve challenging the family rules, especially if your child feels torn between your family’s rules and his friends’ expectations.But rules are just as important for teenagers as they are for younger children, and it’s never too late to create or reinforce them.Rules about being polite and not hurting each other are examples of ground rules.Situation rules Sometimes it can help to have a short set of rules for specific situations.Household rules let everyone in the family know how to behave.They help family members achieve a balance between getting what they want and respecting the needs of others.

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All children are different, but it might be middle to late primary school age before you can start relying on them to follow rules without your help in most situations.

They can also help children and teenagers feel safe and secure.

Family rules are positive statements about how your family wants to look after and treat its members.

You can start making simple rules as soon as your child has the language skills to understand them.

This is part of teaching your child what you expect.

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