Intimidating goalie masks

A creative design, though, and one that was put to the side once he was traded to the Montreal Canadiens in the offseason.

He hasn't played a game for them yet, so we haven't seen much of the mask he's currently wearing, but here's hoping he's taken his painted-on brains along with his skills to Montreal, and we'll get to see them soon enough this season.

It was simple, straightforward, and had no flashy images or cat figures (to go along with his nickname, Felix The Cat), but looked great with the uniform. Potvin is still known as one of the most popular goalies to have ever played in Toronto.

As the backstop for the Los Angeles Kings, Hrudey was known for the bandana he would always wear under the helmet, but the helmet itself was impressive to look at.

The movie reel and Hollywood Hills brought a lot of attention to his mask, just as it does to the city, and I'm sure the size of the mask alone made it easier for Hrudey to make saves. He now does work with CBC's which means he still gets all the camera time he wants, but there was no denying that he enjoyed his playing time in LA.

The weird lobster-shaped figure in the middle of it is actually a map of Long Island. This visionary piece of brilliance is made complete with orange highlights around various holes in the mask, just to make it that much more cheesy looking.

Turns out a fan actually painted it for him, which explains a lot. It got beat up pretty quick, but that just might be because it was made out of paper and bubble gum (okay, that I don't promise).

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