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MM: Metro will be touring with us for two months, and then they go off with Miley.

Then we go on our own headlining tour with two other bands who we haven't decided on yet.

), his summer tour with Metro Station, and what he buys at the 7-Eleven.17: Do you tweet a lot? 17: We just heard about Metro Station going on tour with you this summer!

I've programmed my Blackberry so Twitter comes up right when I turn it on!

Super-talented Mitchel is actor, singer and songwriter by his profession.

He has long dating history and his pictures where he is kissing and hugging girls proves he is not gay.

It's very comforting - I feel like it's my safe zone, like nothing bad is going to happen.

And she's really close to her family, which is great.

There was rumor about his and Katelyn Tarver affair. After Katelyn Tarver, he was rumored with American actress Cody Kennedy.His sexy big tattoos around his chest are his distinctive features.The secret behind his fit body his regular workouts and yoga.Our shows will mostly be in clubs and private theaters - we didn't want to perform in an arena with 20,000 people where all you see is cameras everywhere.This way, we can relate to everybody and it's more of a rock show.17: That's going to be fun touring with your brother Mason. MM: Mason is my idol and best friend - and not just because he's my older brother.

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